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Immersed in nature’s beauty, relaxed and comfortable, but with an impeccable attention to detail and a completely luxurious feel. That’s what we seek in both our designs, and our destination for downtimes. The iconic Round Hill resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is the embodiment of them all. A classically curated Caribbean experience, rooted in history and glamor, with hues of emerald and teal, and of course those signature stripes. It’s the ideal destination for romantic escapes, family getaways, or simply getting away from it all, and it provides the perfect backdrop for our new Spring Collection. 

The Citrine team got to dive into the Round Hill experience: sunsoaked days on the stunning property followed by oceanside dining and after dinner dancing. Exploring the diverse landscape, discovering the history, and embracing the culture. We talked to the resort’s resident experts, and took notes on our team’s must-dos, so you can get the Citrine scoop, and plan your adventure with ease. 

Girl in pink bikini by the pool at Round Hill Resort

PicturedReese Top in Rose and Izzy Bottom in Rose 

Sitting down with one of the expert team members from the renowned resort, Terri-Ann Clemetson, we learned that the quintessential Round Hill magic is no manufactured experience. Rather, this property is steeped in history, with multiple generations of families both visiting and working in this stunning locale, adding their touches and their stories to the idyllic scene. 

Citrine: This has been the “vacation place of the stars” since 1953, and there is such a timeless glamor to this place, but it also feels so relaxed and welcoming. How do you manage both? 

Terri-Ann Clemetson: It’s such a unique place. A former pineapple plantation, the Round Hill property became a resort in 1953- it’s our 71st anniversary this year! We have staff members that have been working for the hotel for over fifty years, many of whom are multigenerational, so that family feel is very real. 

C: And we’ve noticed this has extended to the families who visit as well- multiple generations making this “their place.”

TAC: Yes, many guests and cottage owners maintain the cottages, keeping them in their families for generations. A guest may grow up coming to Round Hill as a child, meeting friends, and playing with the children of other cottage owners, and eventually those cottages are passed down to them, and the legacy continues. 

C: We have truly felt like family here since our arrival, even though this has been our very first visit!

TAC: That’s certainly the Round Hill way. While many of the staff and guests have known each other for decades, that true family-feel permeates the service and experience of this place, and everyone enjoys it, regardless of if this is your first stay, or you’ve been coming for generations. 

C: Yes, despite such a star-studded roster of visitors, there’s such a relaxed and refined approach to the aesthetic and the atmosphere. 

TAC: So much of the design was inspired by Ralph Lauren, who owns cottages here. The iconic green stripes, the rich woods- they’re striking but understated, and lend perfectly to the relaxed and exclusive environment. We put a high premium on privacy, and making every effort to  protect that has created a destination where anyone can unplug, connect with nature, and just relax. 

C: What would you say are the must-dos here? 

TAC: Like I said, relax! First and foremost that is our reason for being. This is about leisure. We’re not activity-oriented, but rather encourage our guests to slow down. Lounge on the beach for a while, enjoy the spa, soak up the sun, and take in the culture of this place- particularly through some of our resident artisans. 

C: We’ve seen such beautiful creations, and you never need to ask us twice to enjoy the local artistry! Any favorites? 

TAC:  There are so many talented artists and rich, creative stories, but Richard, Round Hill’s resident basket weaver has been honing his craft for over 50 years, and his intricate work is certainly worth admiring while you’re here. 

C: Sustainability is a big part of the Citrine ethos, and that seems to be an important part of Round Hill as well. 

TAC: Yes, and you can see that mission come to life in beautiful ways. A quick boat trip to the Round Hill reef garden is a special and leisurely activity, and our organic garden is where we source so many of the ingredients that are served in our restaurants. 

C: We can’t wait! Any last insider tips for the perfect stay? 

TAC: Our managing director has been at the resort for 40 years, and is also known for taking guests on Sunday morning hikes to immerse in secret, unspoiled natural landscapes, so if you’re lucky, you can catch one of these amazing jaunts!

Girl in floral one piece swimsuit on balcony at Round Hill Resort

Pictured: Meli One Piece in Large Lime Floral 

Our team posted up in Villa 16, and we became Round Hill family in a flash. It’s not hard to fall in love with the impeccable design and service. We tried to take in every thoughtful little detail, and it was easy to take full advantage of everything around us and luxuriate thanks to the staff’s extensive knowledge and hospitality. Of course we want to share it all with you, so here’s the Citrine scoop on this swoonworthy spot. 

The Citrine Team’s Must-dos: 

  • Breakfast, the ultimate little luxury. A made-to-order breakfast served with an impeccably set table in our villa, and attended by the wonderful staff created a magical time each morning for us to sit together and connect. The food was divine (we’re looking at you, banana pancakes!), but the experience stood out to each of us as such a rare and relaxed treat! 
  • Sit back, relax, and soak in the sun. There are so many picture-perfect settings to snag some quality R&R: multiple pools, inviting sun chairs on the beach, you can’t go wrong, and their Spa, set in a restored 18th Century mansion overlooking the Caribbean Sea, is a must-see, even if you don’t take in one of their specialty treatments. 
  • Oceanside dinner at the Seaside Terrace, and post-dinner dancing! We enjoyed curry night and relished the taste of the local cuisine. Live music and a nightcap at the Cocktail Bar had the whole team dancing (and oohing and ahhing over the iconic black and white photography of the people and places that have contributed to Round Hill’s rich history)! 
  • Settle into your secluded sanctuary. Perfectly appointed private villas leave no room for hustle and bustle, but ample space for truly connecting with your loved ones, with everything you could possibly want within reach–private pools, food, and dedicated staff members. It’s your home away from home, but oh what a delicious upgrade in scenery! 
  • Explore and wander the tropical wonderland. While scouting for the perfect shot we got to immerse ourselves in every inch of the property, and were absolutely wowed by the lush vegetation, interesting topography, and stunning Jamaican coastline.
February 22, 2024 — Meghan Hutto