collage of inspiration for bathing suit print design

It’s always been about the beauty, detail, and craftsmanship for founder, Caroline Robinson. On family trips and vacation getaways, even as a small child, she was always begging to visit the artisan marketplaces in each locale, fixated on the unique craft and handiwork they showcased. 

“I have a cherished embroidered skirt from a childhood trip to Guatemala, that still inspires me as a designer. The time, skill, and creativity that is infused into these handcrafted pieces is something I strive to bring to each piece we create for Citrine, exuding thoughtful craftsmanship, beautiful design, and making you feel special each time you wear it.” 

Inspiration abounds not only from the artistry of hand-crafted creations found on her travels, but the beauty of the diverse natural landscapes that grab attention and give pause in a world where time and attention spans are fleeting. 

“Our brand is an ode to getting out and enjoying the world. Travel has been so integral in my life, and in my evolution as a designer. I want our pieces to not only share the joy and new perspectives we find in our own journeys, but to  inspire you to discover new cultures and communities, and experience a destination authentically.” 

When it comes to “putting it down on paper,” the sights and sounds and spirit of each place or piece from a travel, are translated into a design aesthetic, sometimes with a single print, and other times with an array of vintage fabrics, wallpapers or art. There’s no telling where the muse for a new collection may come from, and that’s one of the most exciting parts of the process. 

“When I’m beginning to design a collection, there’s usually a primary source for my inspiration. Our best-selling Batik print was inspired by a silk robe purchased years ago in Bali, the mint reef and tan reef prints  were inspired by a blend of art and nature, drawing from Matisse and corals, and the tile print was inspired by actual backsplash tile. It’s fascinating to see where the design will take you!”  

Citrine is awash in the brilliant colors of nature, like tropical greens and blues, and while they’re always on-trend with palettes and particular hues, the designs always stay true to the natural beauty, and timeless style of the Citrine aesthetic. 

“We’re constantly exploring color pairings, and translating them into styles that are not only beautiful, but are functional, wearable, and make you feel confident too. We are driven by customer feedback and continuously assessing coverage, fit, ties, you-name-it, so that each design is equal parts form and function.” 

Wherever we’re going next, we can’t wait to turn what we discover into designs to take you anywhere, in confidence, comfort, and style.

January 28, 2024 — Meghan Hutto