We are excited to announce our partnership with Bitter End Yatch Club featuring our swimwear in their highly curated "Reeftique" in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. Bitter End, aka "Where the Caribbean meets the open Atlantic,"first opened in 1969 and has been featured in Travel + Leasure Magazine. Bitter End is nothing short of breathtaking with serene views of the Caribbean and is described as "captivating" by the New York Times and considered a "rollicking nautical village."

They are known for their connection to the sea and commitment to having fun. Bitter End offers a diverse collection of restaurants and entertainment including fishing, diving, water sports and, kite surfing. Part of their onshore entertainment includes a market and a "Reeftique that offers products tested and approved by their crew haling from around the globe We're excited for Citrine to be included in the offerings to their customers who aren't afraid to get their hair wet and salty.

Find Citrine Swim at Bitter End Yacht Club on your next vacation in BVI.




April 24, 2023 — Meghan Hutto